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Digital professional with a focus on delivering customer centric products and solutions.

Digital Product Manager, Customer Experience & User Experience

I am a Melbourne-based scrum digitsl product manager with extensive experience delivering customer centric web applications, web portals, websites, and digital campaigns.

I’m an orchestrator with skills and knowledge in digital strategy, project management, business analysis, product development, process digitisation, marketing, CX, UX and UI design,  SEO, SEM, analytics, branding, visual communication and account management.

As the sole owner and director of a successful digital agency for over seventeen years, I have worked directly with government departments, large corporates and SMBs, leading projects from ideation, inception and planning, all the way through delivery.

Combining strategic thinking with innovative technologies and human-centered design – to execute meaningful connections between brands and their audiences, transform business operations and improve customer relationships.

From strategy, wireframe, UX to post-launch optimisation